Category: nature


Those leaves have started
To part the beloved hands
With gentle blows of the wind
To lay on the ground
And soak under
The gentleness of the sun

The benevolent souls
Will cherish the soft chirps
beneath Their feet
As they run into the arms
Of the love coming home

And how I wish to stay
Amidst the air of autumn
Sleeping as it chants in my ear
The lullabies I had forgotten
Oh ! October has finally come



Out of the ashes
Of the morbid wooden box
Catching for the breath
lit up
And the winds I heard
Was now clearer .
As the ashes met the ground
And like magic
The Box was gone
In recital of the words
Of wind
I were reborn …..

Dreary of the eyes

What do you call those eyes
lost in the blackness of
the world haunted by humans ,
afraid to swallow the stars too bright .
Where the innocence hides
beneath the bruises turning to blue
and the sparkle just floats surging
with waves that never reaches the shore… 

A walk on clouds

Let’s scroll down and stumble upon 

the strings of cloud spread all around 

generating tunes with each step unsaid 

only the rising eyes  let speak 


Let’s walk through the creases of clouds 

lined up above each other 

peeking our big head first 

then struggle with our hand 

and jump all at once 

on clouds waiting for us


Step by step let’s  put our toes first 

and fall on our heels at once 

Let’s walk towards the burning ball 

till  the warmth is enough


Let’s  sit where the clouds end

watching the sun sink down 

while I rest my head upon your arms

And let the time pass by ..



Will the remnants of my pages

Stay in the air of whirling winds

Brushing over the grave I lay in 


Will the yellow pages walk afresh 

In the streets of the world I never knew

Wandering into the playful grooves 

While I ll be sleeping  in my den



Will the words I never spoke 

Fly out of the pages turning old 

To swim in serenity with the river flow

And reach across banks i didn’t see

After my scent is no more to smell


Will the remnants of my pages

Stay in the air of whirling winds


Brushing over the grave I lay in no

Prize of sunset

As the sun sweeps down
last radiance gallops over
the whole town

I stand drenched in it’s warmth
wrapped up , slowly lifting
as the gravity has just fallen
with the prize of sunset

Under the clear halo
of crimson sky
soaked up in it’s color
I rise above