Month: April 2014

The Wait..

He waited on the shore
looking up at the horizon
For the only beauty he adore
to see her ascend
in silver glaze she wore

He sat there every night
tracing her steps ,light
He whispered words of love
in the wind ,blowing
Hoping she will answer for once.

He sang for her lady love
“Tides will come and
  be gone
This mortal, Milady will
never leave you alone.
He was made to love
Love you
when he leaves the world
He ll leave loving you .”

Thousands of night escaped
he still waited
for the day she will descend

He was portraying her
in his words there
Glancing at her shadow in water
Where she stood calm  bright and brighter

That was the night
she came walking down the aisle
when Gods finally opened the door
More radiant than she ever looked
Red as rouge as she smiled
Tears rolling down
as  broken  string of pearls
There she was infront
standing as a blooming girl

He was not ashtonished
but stunned
She held his hand
lifted him up the land

And there they were
rising up the ground
Loosing into each other’s eyes
He didn’t say a word
neither did she
Instead they let their heartbeats do the talk

They donot tell each other
as they both knew
clear as morning dew

Now he shines next to hers
a Star closer than others


The Book Thief Steals Your Heart

A Shade Of Pen

the book thief review

So, this post is long due. It’s been nearly a week since I read this book and HOLY GOD, what an experience it had been. I am one of those who always settled for sweet romances and when I was recommended the book, I was a little unsettled. Nazis, war.. hmm was it going to be something a die hard romance reader like me will love. But, the quotes of the book were too HOLY GOOD to let it go. So, I picked it up and BOY, what a book. I AM FLOORED.

Here’s the review of the book I posted on my goodreads A/c:

There are books that are books and then there are books that are B.O.O.K.S.

This is one of the killer you just can’t miss. To have a narrative done by none other than death is going to leave you bamboozled and shocked and stunned and…

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When eyes meet..

When eyes meet..
Heart throbs,butterflies fly,
lips smile witha shy.
I fall in those depth ,
inspite of knowing the truth.

When eyes meet..
Its like spring in winter,
and autumn in summer.
His essence wraps me in ,
taking me to another world.

When eyes meet..
I can see the ocean within,
my heart sets up a rhythm.
My soul is lost inside,
it feels you next to miness.

When eyes meet..
I can hear the melody of strings,
with every beat it sings.
Wine rushes in vessels,
drowning me into its coziness…

When eyes meet..
Should I hear him?
Or let my eyes linger his?
Current rushes from the link,
a year passes with each blink.

When eyes meet..
I fall in those silence of the profundity
that lies within ….

School (being nostalgic)

School days !!
We blamed people for creating schools but at that time we didn’t realise its importance .
And when we did it was time to part .
Sharing tiffins, playing games ,mischiefs ,dancing and singing like a fool ,fighting ,making mistakes getting punished and much more .We didn’t care what others thought , what we cared was that we all are together bounded by a thread of friendship.

It had innocence it had simplicity .. and it still has a power to put a smile on your face.

Our laughter still echoes
in those corridors
Where we had woven
thread of our friendship

It still has our imprints
etched on benches
And every corner
contains a vivid picture

I find us
in those giggling faces
hopping around
And nostalgia wraps me in
as I take a walk in
play ground

A Guest At My Home

A Shade Of Pen

HEYYYYYYY, I’ve a guestttttt at my home.. as in my blog… Meet my latestttt smart find.. Karan Sampat. If you have  a knack for some of the yummiest and not to be missed tales, must hop to his blog HERE. Trust me, I’ve a knack and a blessing for finding the gems and this one does SHINE really bright. Read this tale because it has its own tempo and what is even more awesome is the fact that THE GUY ISN’T EVEN 18 YET!!

HOLY GOD, he is a KID and a veryyyy smarrrt one too. I must say, I was glued till the end. Damn me, why do i have to be so awesome finding the best of the best all the time. The kid writes holy good. I must stop my blabbering here and gooo give him a read and send him your much love.

She stood still…

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