Month: March 2014


Ever wondered about the world that lies,
beyond the truth and lie
Where ,
two soul meets
beyond restriction of undefined boundaries,
birds chirp of love
and swan’s song never dies,
ballad of life versify
with each beat that heart recites.

Ever wondered about the world that lies,
beyond the truth and lie
laughter echos in air,
nightingale sings of peace in its prayer,
fire burns only to build,
bonds break to rebuild.

Ever wondered about the world that lies,
beyond the truth and lie,
where no one is wrong or right,
where there is no black or white,
where there is no cast or race,
where no religion is different
and nations are unified.

Ever wondered about the world that lies ,
beyond the truth and lie?



Angelina Hwang

Image I went for a jog to Runyon Canyon today, and yes, notice how I wrote “to” as opposed to “at Runyon Canyon.” I never made it through the gate. That is correct. As silly as it sounds, simply spoken… I ran a quarter of a mile from my house to the entrance of Runyon then back.

No, it was not because I was burnt out from the quote, unquote “backbreaking run.” I just had way too many excuses sprinting through my head. “But it’s so hot!” “My sunscreen’s going to start dripping into my eyes! “But I already did sit-ups earlier.” “I’m thirsty.“

Reality soon hit me hard, however. During my jaunt back home, I spotted a young woman, knee-deep in her run. Her face was flushed, and she was dripping with sweat. But what really took me by surprise was that she was missing an arm. Wow! And here I…

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Eerie silence veiled the coast,

a message of the forthcoming storm.

The sudden silence broken by the surging waves,

rising into the tides great.

Pall of darkness dawned upon,

as sun escaped in sable expanse.

Angry wind blew and

blew the fancy of a sailor away.

The clouds thundered like never before

and dreams collapsed in,

inaudible roars…

Light in the darkness!

I am falling
in the depth
Its beautiful
and blue
I see small fishes
yellow ,red and golden
giggling and singing
happy and alive
Ah !those white oysters
I can see the pearls
shiny and white.

I want to stop
stay in here
but I am falling free
in-spite of my resistance.
I am howling and screaming
but my echo is getting lost
in the depth.
I am sinking
I try to hold on
but no ones around.

Its dark in here .
I see those big fishes
with the grin on there faces
moving towards me.
I am screaming louder
but can’t hear
even my own voice.
I can’t feel
am getting numb
limbs are freezing
and I sink in that depth ,
depth of darkness surrounding me.

I am probably dead
but wait
I see its bright
a hand reaching out .
am I in heaven?
Is that God?
Then I see a face familiar
calling my name .
A smile just sneaks in
on my lips
and I remember the words
” I ll make sure that
you keep smiling buds ”

When you have lost all the strength and you could not just muster up any courage to face the world . Your true friend will always be standing there as your strength as your hope as your light in the darkness.So that you can smile again ..

🙂 thank you !!

On Graduating College, Or Why Time Needs to Move Slower

Little Growing Pains

Screenshot 2014-03-17 19.20.05

I set a countdown last night for the day I finish my last final. Now I have this blinking clock at the top of my computer screen that says pretty much the scariest sentence I’ve ever seen.

“2 months and 25 days until you’re done with college.”

Seriously? How did I get here? It feels like just yesterday I was receiving my first college acceptance letter – but no, that was 2009. It’s been more than four years since then. And it’s been a long four years. Definitely challenging. Invigorating. Heartbreaking. Eye-opening. And in a little under three months, it’ll all be over.

I don’t feel like an adult. I still feel like the same shy, terrified little freshman who cried her eyes out every night because she was so homesick. Hell, I have even less of an idea of what I want to do with my life today than…

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