Those wings they were trying to chop off ,
Were making noises of freedom..



And if tears did count ,

I would be there with you

right now..

Staying strong

Trying to stay strong has been difficult.
Some days I have lived , some days I learned to control and few were full of bouts of pain and I have let it drown me until I learned to catch a breath again .
But then , I was learning never to betray
myself ..

Let’s pretend we lost

I would ask you to stay with me , like suffering and destruction.
As they follow each other , when there is suffering of a soul there is destruction and when there is destruction of a soul there is suffering .
It’s acceptable in our society , they pity your pain .
No , we won’t be happy , as it is envied and should only be gifted to others as a token of your sacrifices.
We will belong to them under the shed of “wounded” in order to live .
So if this is how we could be together
Let’s pretend we lost..

The ocean and the shore

Surrender of the shore , to be broken down
With every breaking wave
Slipping of grains of sand
And pebbles
To be owned by ocean
To be carried away
Or rest
In it’s arms
Or in it’s depths
Into the mysteries of it’s profundity
To be lost
In it
To listen the tales
From silver moonlight till
Crimson sky
From darkness to immense darkness
To be destroyed , to be created
With diligence and patience
To prove
To leave the proof
Of consistence
Of love..