The Warrior

Tired eyes rested upon

the unlocked wooden door

Scents slowly withered away

in counting hours to days

Holy chorus changed into

whines of mercy to Lord 

For the war declared won

but The Warrior didn’t return

Garden of Rose

Garden of rose
Are you safe in a garden of rose?
Beauty does allure
and fragrance intoxicates
but the thorns that 
ambush beneath 
in shadow of leaves
Pricks deep 
it does heal
the wound that wept
but scar remains 
of the rose you touched.

Her feathers

Under the flickering daylight
In the silence of night
The candles burnt
Burnt to light
For the world in her beautiful eyes
Weaving feathers to fly .

But the shadows had their eyes
Upon the mighty wings she wove
In darkness of  a new moon night
They gently slipped in her abode
Night howled with each scream
Once again shadows won over dreams.


Where eyes were meant to fancy
became the rolling machines
As the doors were jammed
with the codes of future
To glance at nothing
but the numbers imprinted
To figure out nothing
but the door that leads to next..

I see..

Where dreams don’t turn to dust

I see us

Dumping the weapons of yesterday

Leaving behind the scars

In closed pages of history

Writing new chapters

Of the world who opted to live

Against the theory of survival..

Here !

Originally posted on ashimabinny's Blog:

Why not take the guard

Off your mind

And run into the waves

To feel the force against

Your chest

Why not let go torment

Of the past

As sand sweeps off

underneath your feet

To utter shriek of laughter

At the insanity

Of not being Here

But what held

You to be not Here…

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