Month: October 2014

Letter in the bottle

When prayers stopped to work
And fate on him just smirked
He was waiting to pay the natures debt
In a dark corner of his ship wrecked

The words he ll never get to say
He had it put down in a paper
If they come in his search
The bottle will have his letter

His mother’s  birthday
when he left the home
His old man s hand 
he could no more hold
The promises that he made
before he left her lone

Letter in the bottle had it all
Forgiveness he was seeking for
With stains of tear
on the letter L
The word he today understood

The waves for him had finally reached
He closed his eyes with that bottle clenched

Sun peeked from curtain’s hole
Waking him from sleep long
She stood there in tears
holding that bottle and letter



Days grew perilous 
before the horrors of night could perish. 
Man became a horrible soul 
Before the deads woke up. 
Before light could wash the darkness away 
Devil learned to live in shadows. 
Love was yet learning to fly 
but the Greed chopped off it’s wings..