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In love

Sometimes I have been such a stupid in love

That I have got jealous of every soul next to you ..



She was born for the wind
And dark nights
Of unexpected realities
With sword and shield
Of catastrophe
Of thunders
Chained to the clouds
To set them free
To roar
And put them to sleep
Within her bosom
While honing her sword for another storm


How inhumane I have become , sometimes I think about it and later it dies slowly with every breath . I wonder what is it to introspect what is it to hear what my soul says . Some decisions are way to easy to make and yet I stumble upon it like a cancerous cell it slowly invades my mind . All those thoughts are too naive and conclusive yet the process of thinking never stops to simply put I overthink . The scenarios, the outcomes , the process oh! It meddles with my mind and at the end I reach no conclusion it dies just as it had come ..