The Prince


No …!! The crown has fallen again cried the priest, as the lightening thundered in the cloudy dark night galloping the sky in its own . glasses shattered and it roared like never before  .

The flames burned enough to swallow  the castle gates  the walls  it was thrice that night that crown fell from its place waiting to meet his king. lost in the darkness priest stumbled to find it  .

Mercy  oh! mercy people were screaming running in the panic stricken castle burning in flames .it was not the end of the empire , knight knew the thunders, falling of  crown cannot let him stop , neither will he stoop . And it rained heavily like cats and dogs fire came down damage was not much but the fear emerged within the hearts but the baby slept all the time rocking in its cradle with the breeze or the winds, gently pulling and pushing the  lever .. No it was not the end but the beginning not of the empire but the crown..

The prince he was born. To relish the city with the gold’s of peace, to suffice the needs to end the sufferings not in the cradle rocking gently under the four walls  but wrapped up in rags under the bridge giggling at the sight of wrath of Gods breathing still peacefully under the storms which  denied its retreat


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