Let’s pretend we lost

I would ask you to stay with me , like suffering and destruction.
As they follow each other , when there is suffering of a soul there is destruction and when there is destruction of a soul there is suffering .
It’s acceptable in our society , they pity your pain .
No , we won’t be happy , as it is envied and should only be gifted to others as a token of your sacrifices.
We will belong to them under the shed of “wounded” in order to live .
So if this is how we could be together
Let’s pretend we lost..


The ocean and the shore

Surrender of the shore , to be broken down
With every breaking wave
Slipping of grains of sand
And pebbles
To be owned by ocean
To be carried away
Or rest
In it’s arms
Or in it’s depths
Into the mysteries of it’s profundity
To be lost
In it
To listen the tales
From silver moonlight till
Crimson sky
From darkness to immense darkness
To be destroyed , to be created
With diligence and patience
To prove
To leave the proof
Of consistence
Of love..

Lost beauty

She was breaking and every falling ray of light on her , was splitting into a rainbow
I wished , I could tell her how beautiful she looked , her body so much like a fragile glass was letting those rainbows pour out of her pieces . I wish I could tell her it was okay to be broken , it was okay to shatter .
But she was only taught to be whole , unscratched , to not fall , to hold the screams , she was only taught to be graceful .
And when the pain had hit her , her body hadn’t known how to react , her limbs just trembled and her face grew pale like winter . She couldn’t even try to breathe or to let the wind caress her for a while . She was in disgust with herself , her existence her thoughts ..
But those were beautiful to hear when unknowing she would utter them and giggle . She lived in those moments of her imagination and it felt good to see her alive .
She was regretting and the pain was too much to bear , she was regretting walking towards her dream , breaking the rule in her book , because they never taught how to heal when you broke them .. There were petunias blooming with her tears and roses turning red with her blood .The sun was bright , glorifying her image for the left moments of her existence . She didn’t even wish anyone to come and accept her in that moment , she didn’t believe in fairy tales anymore .
And I , a mere spectator of her beauty and innocence was just waiting to carry her soul ..

Come back

Tell me it’s a lie
I don’t want to believe
The truth
Let it fool me today
And I’ll laugh at the insanity
Come back
Let those strings , tremble my heart again
Pull them , make me bleed
Until the night is all we need
I’ll listen again and again
The stories hidden in those tears
You were holding back
Come back
Like the sun
After the night’s over
and I am awake
waving off my nightmares
Wearing our ghosts
On our skin
And I’ll kiss them every night
again and again
and you will learn to live with them
Come back
Lean back
and we’ll start again..


Those leaves have started
To part the beloved hands
With gentle blows of the wind
To lay on the ground
And soak under
The gentleness of the sun

The benevolent souls
Will cherish the soft chirps
beneath Their feet
As they run into the arms
Of the love coming home

And how I wish to stay
Amidst the air of autumn
Sleeping as it chants in my ear
The lullabies I had forgotten
Oh ! October has finally come


Out of the ashes
Of the morbid wooden box
Catching for the breath
lit up
And the winds I heard
Was now clearer .
As the ashes met the ground
And like magic
The Box was gone
In recital of the words
Of wind
I were reborn …..