The runaway girl


Out of the million Out of the million stories
I heard one
Of a girl running
All over the world
Through the solemn storms
Through the unchained winds
In her only pair of shoes

Ran past the closed doors
The windows that never smiled
The curtains over the wounds
Under the greyish sky

Across ,
the letter box covered in snow
The chimney’s smoke
The roads that never lit
The crowd’s wit

It’s one or two she never knew
Just ran with the wind that blew
Leaving behind the girl crying
On some Street in summer time
The lady who clumsily ran into
After a drink or two
And some one staring out of
A dusty  glass pane
Counting stars in vain

She ran umpteenth miles away
From the clouds covering her town
Away at the world’s end where
The sun was rising up again
After the rain of a million days



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