A Reflection

They didn’t like her voice

Neither her steps fumbling

Then what was about her

You found so perfect?

They never knew who she was

Neither she could tell them

Then what did you hear

In the words she never spoke

They never saw what her eyes did

Neither what her fingers painted

Then what you saw through

those glasses she wore?

They never noticed the spark

Neither they saw her burning

Then how did you discover

The hidden flint ?

They never saw her wild

Neither how she loved being it

Then what made you feel Her

soul was fluttering to come out?

They could not read her mind

Neither the dreams she carried

Then how can you say her

thoughts were same as yours?

They never saw the walls around

Neither they knew it existed

Then how did you sneak inside

And just met her soul?

Few questions are more beautiful than their answers ….


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