My Half Story

A Shade Of Pen

Sometimes, I ponder upon the uncertainty of life. what would happen if someday, it JUST ENDS.. there’s no warning.. No omens, no soothsayer asking me to beware of something and right like that in a flash.. it all ENDS…My story will remain incomplete.. it will end as a half story..

There are so many things I want to tell to people. There are things I wish to do.. There are secrets I want to show.. How will all of that happen? Who will finish my story? I will end up as the INCOMPLETE tale. So, this is the post where I will try to be as honest as possible.. No, there are things I WILL NOT say.. I can’t.. but I will TRY

When I’m not here,

When I am gone

When I’ve drifted to a faraway land

I want you to tell my Dad

I ALWAYS loved him


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