Poles Apart

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ashimabinny's Blog

She is an angel with curly hair,
a face that is full of flair
Has a beautiful but delicate heart
which continues to love even if it’s hurt.

Hah! He is being called a devil since child
Face full of  mischief.
He shouts and hounds
Until he is in a good mood
he’ll rarely be found.

She is like a mermaid,
who dives deep into the oceans of the unsaid.
She is a free bird caught in a cage, waiting to fly,
write poems and stories which societies don’t comply.

He is like an open book
Predictable and stubborn
He never waited, as his
Patience is not yet tested
He likes to sleep and booze
unaware of the reality and rules.

Sadness doesn’t wash away her smile
and wants everyone to be happy
even if she herself cries.

He’s selfish and rude
doesn’t care about anyone else
Except few ones in his…

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