The Book Thief Steals Your Heart

A Shade Of Pen

the book thief review

So, this post is long due. It’s been nearly a week since I read this book and HOLY GOD, what an experience it had been. I am one of those who always settled for sweet romances and when I was recommended the book, I was a little unsettled. Nazis, war.. hmm was it going to be something a die hard romance reader like me will love. But, the quotes of the book were too HOLY GOOD to let it go. So, I picked it up and BOY, what a book. I AM FLOORED.

Here’s the review of the book I posted on my goodreads A/c:

There are books that are books and then there are books that are B.O.O.K.S.

This is one of the killer you just can’t miss. To have a narrative done by none other than death is going to leave you bamboozled and shocked and stunned and…

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