School (being nostalgic)

School days !!
We blamed people for creating schools but at that time we didn’t realise its importance .
And when we did it was time to part .
Sharing tiffins, playing games ,mischiefs ,dancing and singing like a fool ,fighting ,making mistakes getting punished and much more .We didn’t care what others thought , what we cared was that we all are together bounded by a thread of friendship.

It had innocence it had simplicity .. and it still has a power to put a smile on your face.

Our laughter still echoes
in those corridors
Where we had woven
thread of our friendship

It still has our imprints
etched on benches
And every corner
contains a vivid picture

I find us
in those giggling faces
hopping around
And nostalgia wraps me in
as I take a walk in
play ground


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