He laughed
sometimes he cried.
He talked
sometimes he kept silent.
Some felt pity
Its the age !
Some laughed
He has lost his mind !
Some never bothered
of his existence
neither did he .

No one noticed
there was moistness
in his eyes,
there was a smile
on his crooked lips.

Nah! he was not alone
but with the memories made with her.
Nah!he was not alone
but with a fifty years of life
lived with her.
Nah! he was not alone
she was alive
there in his heart.
As a perfect memory
springing with life
embracing him as his strength .

He laughed
when he remembered
cute anger in her dark brown eyes .
He smiled
when he remembered
innocence on her beautiful face.
He blushed
when he felt the imprint
of her dewy lips.
He talked
when he felt low
to share with her
and his silence
narrated the ache .

Death doesn’t end relationship its the love which keeps it burning forever .
Love is never perfect,
its about fixing things together when it gets worse and being each others strength in weakness ..
thanx to my friend for helping me to add a new para to it .. πŸ™‚UP-Thanks-for-the-Adventure


3 thoughts on “Not ALONE

  1. Seperated physically but still with each other spiritually and emotionally! That’s what makes any relation worthy and true! Nice one buds! πŸ™‚

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